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Since 1981, Cleary Consultants, Inc. has demonstrated an unparalleled record of placement in satisfying the growing needs of employers and applicants on both a permanent and temporary basis. We work in partnership with our clients to staff the best.  Our clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to Federal, State and Local Government. A recent survey has shown nearly 78% of our referrals have resulted in job placements. We believe precision in referring candidates to employers has been the basis for our success. Because of our reputation, marketing philosophy and location in the vicinity of Faneuil Hall, Cleary Consultants, Inc. attracts hundreds of applicants on a weekly basis. Employers take advantage of a computerized library of applicants to fill jobs on momentary notice. Applicants are afforded the opportunity of meeting with professional counsel to determine their qualifications and to be considered for available career occupations.

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Cleary Consultants, Inc. is staffed by a growing number of professional employment recruiters having diverse backgrounds and experience with Boston Area industries and businesses. Our people are key to our success.  Their experience ranges from careers in Personnel Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Hospital Administration and Publishing to High Tech and Banking. Levels of expertise in particular areas of industry range exceptionally high by comparison. Hiring the best recruiters ensures we give the very best back to our clients.


Equal Opportunity: We pledge to refer all candidates based on qualifications for the position without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin and promote equal opportunity through a positive continuing diversity program.


Team Effort: Emphasizing a team approach, Cleary Consultants, Inc. brings the expertise of professionals in varied disciplines to the resolution of employment problems. Reliability, integrity, and thoroughness are never sacrificed. We proudly wish to extend an invitation to employers and career candidates alike to discuss mutual savings and efficiency that can be provided by our services.


Cleary Consultants, Inc. is a proud member of the following groups:

National Association of Personnel Consultants
Massachusetts Association of Personnel Consultants
SOMWBA/DBE Certified
National Association of Female Executives
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce