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Interview Tips for Applicants:

  • Dress in conservative business attire. It has been said that the image we present to the world determines the manner in which we will be greeted.

  • Maintain a dignified stature. Keep your chin up and stand tall, just as if you owned the world!

  • Research the company prior to the interview and plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out any paperwork. Fill out application thoroughly and attach a copy of your resume.

  • Greet decision maker with a firm handshake.

  • Maintain good eye contact, smile and be friendly.

  • Watch your language. Curt, crude and cutting statements find no home in successful person's speech patterns.

  • Always be positive when answering any questions. Be positive about past accomplishments and experiences.

  • Present yourself as someone who can really add value to an organization and show that you will fit into the work environment.

  • Do not ask questions pertaining to compensation benefits and vacations. Your consultant should provide all that for you prior to the interview. If the employer brings it up, be prepared to ask for salary listed in job specifications.

  • Overcome any negatives the employer brings up with a positive response. Don't forget that employees will test you in order to detect your interest level.

  • Make sure you express your interest in the company and in the position you are interviewing for. Ask for the job! and reiterate what you can offer the company.

  • Always thank the employer for his/her time and interview.

  • Send a brief thank you note to the decision maker as soon as possible.